Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Complete Weihnachts-oratorium of JS Bach, Part III:VII-X

7. Recitativo (T)

Und sie kamen eilend und funden beide,
Mariam und Joseph, dazu das Kind in der Krippe liegen.
Da sie es aber gesehen hatten,
breiteten sie das Wort aus,
welches zu ihnen von diesem Kind gesaget war.
Und alle, für die es kam, wunderten sich der Rede,
die ihnen die Hirten gesaget hatten.
Maria aber behielt alle diese Worte
und bewegte sie in ihrem Herzen.


And they went forth quickly and found there
both Mary and Joseph, and the child lying in the manger.
When they, however, had ceased their looking,
they spread forth the saying
which had been told unto them concerning this child.
And all to whom it came wondered at the story
which had been reported to them by the shepherds.
But Mary kept to herself then all these sayings,
and she pondered them within her heart.


8. Aria (A)

Schließe, mein Herze, dies selige Wunder
Fest in deinem Glauben ein!

Lasse dies Wunder, die göttlichen Werke,
Immer zur Stärke
Deines schwachen Glaubens sein!


Keep thou, my heart now, this most blessed wonder
Fast within thy faith alway!

And let this wonder, these godly achievements,
Ever as comfort
Of thy feeble faith abide!


9. Recitativo (A)

Ja, ja, mein Herz soll es bewahren,
Was es an dieser holden Zeit
Zu seiner Seligkeit
Für sicheren Beweis erfahren.


Oh yes, my heart shall ever cherish
All it at this most gracious time
To its eternal bliss
With certain signs of proof hath witnessed.


10. Choral (S, A, T, B)

Ich will dich mit Fleiß bewahren,
Ich will dir
Leben hier,
Dir will ich abfahren,
Mit dir will ich endlich schweben
Voller Freud
Ohne Zeit
Dort im andern Leben.


I will thee steadfastly cherish,
For thy sake
My life make,
In thee I will perish,
With thee will I one day hover
Full of joy
For alway
There when life is over.



The complete Christmas Oratorio is featured on All for Hymn
beginning at 6:00 PM ET on December 24, 2011
and running every 3 hours.

English Translation © Z. Philip Ambrose, translator, 
Web publication:
Used by permission.

Special thanks to counterpoint85 over on youtube
for posting the complete work.

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