Monday, November 9, 2009

Historic Moment: Fall of the Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later

Just for Fun: I CALL SHOTGUN!

Over at Autoblog, I found this post regarding the official rules of Shotgun.  You can find the complete rules here.  There is always someone trying to cheat the rules of Shotgun, like calling Shotgun when they EXIT the car, or calling Shotgun when no one is around to hear it, or claiming Shotgun when they never called it and never really intended to call it.

There is even a handy pocket guide.  You need this to keep order in the chaotic world of Shotgun.

If the official rules can't settle your dispute, the official rules suggest Rock, Paper, Scissors as the final means for dispute resolution.

If one of your friends is a true gaper in the world of Shotgun, perhaps this will serve as a warning to him.