Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Introducing Sound of Majesty...

...to those of you who have not yet discovered it!

Sound of Majesty features choral and instrumental music interspersed with readings from Scripture and theologians (both ancient and modern).  The program airs at 11 pm Central Sunday through Friday on wmbi.fm or you can check out the audio archive, which is currently showing the entire week's episodes.

You will find a mix of music from the Protestant tradition, including liturgical, classical, spiritual and gospel.

The goal here at All for Hymn is to feature one program a week.

The October 13 broadcast features an interesting combination: Organist Martin Jean playing Bach's Orgelbuchlein "In Dir Ist Freude" (in English, "In Thee Is Gladness") followed by the spiritual, "I Can Tell the World" as performed by the Calvin College Alumni Choir.

Martin Jean has served Concordia College-Ann Arbor (now a university), Valparaiso University, and is now with Yale University.  I believe he is playing the organ at the Chapel of St. Timothy and St. Titus on the campus of Concordia Seminary-St. Louis.

Fine Tuning: Choir Director or Song Leader

Join the discussion over at Fine Tuning, where the topic of the kantor's/music director's/organist's/conductor's participation in leading congregational song (or even choir parts) is in the choir loft, but perhaps the microphone is not turned on ;)

You can chime in here.  Please bring your own handbells hehe

Also covered is the role of pastors leading congregational responses.

My last comment over there seeks advice on using microphones when a solo verse is in order.