Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Complete Weihnachts-oratorium of JS Bach, Part III:XI-XIII

11. Recitativo (T)

Und die Hirten kehrten wieder um,
preiseten und lobten Gott um alles,
das sie gesehen und gehöret hatten,
wie denn zu ihnen gesaget war.


And the shepherds then turned back again,
glorifying and praising God for all the things
which they had seen and had heard,
just as it had been told to them.


12. Choral (S, A, T, B)

Seid froh dieweil,
Dass euer Heil
Ist hie ein Gott und auch ein Mensch geboren,
Der, welcher ist
Der Herr und Christ
In Davids Stadt, von vielen auserkoren.


Be glad this while,
For now your health
Is here as God and as a man born to you,
The one who is
The Lord and Christ
In David's city, out of many chosen.


13. Coro  (S, A, T, B)

Herrscher des Himmels, erhöre das Lallen,
Lass dir die matten Gesänge gefallen,
Wenn dich dein Zion mit Psalmen erhöht!
Höre der Herzen frohlockendes Preisen,
Wenn wir dir itzo die Ehrfurcht erweisen,
Weil unsre Wohlfahrt befestiget steht!


Ruler of heaven, give ear to our stammer,
Let these our weary refrains bring thee pleasure,
As thee thy Zion with psalms doth exalt!
Hear thou our hearts, though, exultant with praises,
As we to thee here our homage now render,
For our salvation stands strong and secure!



The complete Christmas Oratorio is featured on All for Hymn
beginning at 6:00 PM ET on December 24, 2011
and running every 3 hours.

English Translation © Z. Philip Ambrose, translator, 
Web publication:
Used by permission.

Special thanks to counterpoint85 over on youtube
for posting the complete work.

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