Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time Out #37: Guess Which Hymn?

This week on Lutheran Time Out, three guesses on the hymn, and the first two don't count.

There are no Table Talk Radio points on the line for guessing it either.

There are 8 clues right in this blog (make that nine now).

That's right, the hymn this week is A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.

Tune in to hear the rhythmic version with the golden tones of Layman Dan and the talented Southern Lutheran Kantor improvising at the mighty organ.

You can sing along in Lutheran Service Book, Hymn 656.  Please stand if you do ;)

Table Talk Radio: Show 67

The latest and greatest episode of Table Talk Radio is now available. 

Show #67: Christian or Secular?
Brand new game on Table Talk Radio. Its where a song is played and the contestant has to figure out whether the song preformed by a Christian band or a secular band. 

That's right, folks, the Table Talk Radio, everyone's favorite Lutheran radio program with a game show format and highly coveted Table Talk Radio points!

Yes, Table Talk Radio, where the points are as valuable as Tetzel's indulgences.  Well, actually, an authenticated indulgence from Tetzel might be worth something on ebay.  Never mind.

BTW, don't forget the forum!  Discuss the show's topics post other comments here.