Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

... to Jewish mothers everywhere!  No, my mother is Jewish (at least going back a couple generations) but these boys happen to be singing to their Jewish mothers.

I once noted to a Jewish friend, some of us are Jewish by blood, others are Jewish by our baptism.  In other words, God chose the ancient Hebrews as His people out of all the other nations.  He preserved a blood line that stretched from Adam all the way to Jesus.

God's plan of salvation was not exclusive to the ancient Hebrews though. He continues to call people from every tribe and nation.  To those who are called later in life, He plants faith in their hearts through the spoken or written Word and forgives and seals them through the "external Word" of Baptism.  To those who are called from birth, Baptism imparts faith and forgiveness and places God's seal on the individual.  In human terms, these infants or young children are not able to believe for themselves, yet with God's promise carried out through the ancient prophets of the Hebrews and fulfilled in our Lord, Jesus Christ faith is imparted into these individuals through the miracle of Baptism.

Here's Shmacapella with the African Freedom Song (Siyahamba, or We are Marching in the Light of God) and a little Mother's Day surprise in the middle.