Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Table Talk Radio: Show 66

A new episode has surfaced for Table Talk Radio.  Here are the show's highlights.

Show #66: Old Time Games

It seems it's been awhile since we placed Google It or Who Wants to be a Theologian. So that's what we play in this edition of Table Talk Radio, finishing up with some Bible Bee.

No word from the show's hosts.  I want to give out "frequent commenter points" to my readers, and I was hoping Table Talk Radio would sponsor the points in exchange for these shameless plugs, but apparently the points are in short demand since Seminarian Goeglein was given something like 2 million of them.  This is my hypothesis, since they didn't return my emails.

That's Table Talk Radio, where the points are like infant baptism in a Pentecostal church, pretty much non-existent.