Thursday, October 8, 2009

Table Talk Radio: Show 65

Table Talk Radio, everyone's favorite Lutheran talk show on the internet featuring a game show format, has just posted their latest episode.

Show #65: You Might be a Pietist If...

You have to listen this week as we go through the top 10 list for, "You Might be a Pietist if..." we also play "Name that Church Body."

The description of each show tend to disappear when a new show is aired, so said descriptions will appear here on All for Hymn, starting with the current episode.

You can comment on the show both on this blog and at TTR's forum.

Choir Director vs. Lead Singer

Kantor (also spelled Cantor) Phillip Magness has a thought-provoking article on appropriate times for choir directors, organists, and even pastors to lead by singing.  Of course, when to sing and when not can depend on the circumstances in the individual congregation.  You can join the dialog by leaving a comment on the post at Fine Tuning.

Kantor Magness serves at Bethany, Naperville, IL, and was instrumental in organizing the hymn festival that supported Lutherbrook and LCFS.

Embedded Experiment

So, blogging is new to me, and this is my first attempt at embedding a video into a blog.

This is the Benjamin Britten setting of the Te Deum Laudamus. 

If for some reason this doesn't post, you can find it here on Seminarian Josh Schroeder's blog.  Josh is attending Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.  I don't know him apart from his blog, but I want to thank him for posting this.

A blog series of the Te Deum is probably in order at some point down the road, perhaps for the season of Pentecost next year.

HYMN FESTIVAL: Lutheran Child and Family Services

Over at Round Unvarnish'd Table, there is a post about a hymn festival highlighting Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS).

For a link to the podcast,  a list of participants, and the order of the program check out the original post.

We want to thank Bethany, Naperville for posting the podcast and, as you will read in the comments over there, all those who contributed to this event.

I would like to put in a plug for LCFS, which has, among the many wonderful services it provides, a residential treatment center for children with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Lutherbrook in Addison, IL, has been around for many, many years.  May the Lord bless them with many, many more!