Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exploring Music: The Viola

This week on Exploring Music, the viola...
We’ll celebrate some of the exquisite music written for the violin’s darker cousin, including music by Hindemith and Walton

Of interest in tonight's broadcast,  Paganini's "Terzetto concertante for Viola, Cello and Guitar in D major, II."

It is an interesting combo, if you ask me.  A traditional trio would feature something like flute, viola, and cello with a keyboard (organ, harpsichord, or piano) in the background holding things together.  When the guitar picks up the third voice, the keyboard is not needed.  Perhaps this is more of a duet with guitar accompaniment?

Have an opinion?  Listen to the piece below and drop a comment.

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Rev. Mark Matzke: All Saints Day and the Spoiler Alert

Despite our ideas and doubts about sainthood, God looks at Jesus’ cross and empty tomb, then looks at us and because of what Jesus did, he names us saints.

Rev. Mark Matzke is a pastor in Painesville, OH.  You can read his entire message regarding sainthood here.