Saturday, December 5, 2009

Table Talk Radio Twofer: Shows 72 and 73

I am a little behind on featuring Table Talk Radio here on All for Hymn.  Perhaps if they gave me some points I would be more on the ball!

Anyways, here are the summaries...

Show #72: House, M.D.
In this edition of Table Talk Radio, after some listener response, we respond to a clip that appeared on the popular TV show House. Then we play Name that Theologian. This episode is also an extended version of Table Talk Radio, so you get more of your favorite Lutheran theological game show for less points.

Show #73: Don't Forget the Stanzas to Your Rare Luther Hymns
In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we play a new game "Questions in Pastoral Care" where Evan gets to ask Pastor any question whatsoever. After that we play "10 commandments in the news" and then we play a few lesser known Luther hymns to see if pastor can remember the stanzas.

They also have a podcast archive for previous shows.

Yes, folks this is the Table Talk Radio, everyone's favorite Lutheran theological radio program with a game show format, where the points carry the exact same exchange rate as Monopoly money.