Monday, October 26, 2009

Introducing "Exploring Music"

Some of you are probably already familiar with the radio program Exploring Music.

Each week Host Bill McGlaughlin tackles a different subject over a five-day span.

This week features music of Paris from 1830 to the early 1900's.  You'll hear music from the late romantic period like Berlioz through the impressionist composers like Debussy.

Exploring music airs on the flagship station WFMT Monday-Friday at 7:00 pm Central.  The show does not yet podcast (as far as I can tell), so check your local classical station to see if it airs locally.

Alternately, WFMT does stream over the internet.  You can access that here.  Also, this website might be of some help.  It showed me the program was playing now and linked me to the broadcast.  However, there were issues with the station list.  I could not get it to navigate from page-to-page or sort by categories.


  1. My local classical radio station used to carry this show on weekday evenings, but has since cancelled it in favor of a live announcer. Years ago I remember listening to Adventures in Music with Karl Hass (spelling?) and he had a daily esoteric show theme which pulled all sorts of classical music together.

  2. Hey, Chris, sorry for not responding earlier.

    Exploring Music hit the airwaves shortly after Adventures in Music went off the air. I believe both were syndicated by WFMT in Chicago.

    A funny moment on Adventures in Music was when Karl Hass (Haas?) was comparing a piece of music to a club sandwich, as the music played on he would add in, "Here we have the bread... here we have the turkey... now some mustard... and over here some cole slaw..." :)


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