Monday, October 26, 2009

How's Your LSB? Part II

Over at Fine Tuning, the Part Two of the Lutheran Service Book self-evaluation is going on.

They are asking for opinions on new texts set to existing tunes.

Offer your opinion on...
  • Personal Favorite
  • Most Beneficial for Your Congregation's Piety
  • Hymn that Most Effectively Catechizes
  • Best Fit for an Old Tune
  • Text that Helped You Use an Older Tune
  • Congregational Favorite
This conversation gets way better when more than two people are involved, so even if you tackle two or three of the six options, it will be a nice springboard!

Of note, Kantor Stephen R. Johnson has a new tune and setting on deck for LSB 521, "Christ, the Lord of Hosts, Unshaken."  I am excited because the tune Fortunatus New works exceedingly well with this text, but is a stumbling block for my choir (and therefore my congregation).  It's good to have options.  Put me down for 10 copies.


  1. Oh, you can have Fortunatus New when you can pry it from my cold, dead hands. We sang it this past Sunday afternoon at our circuit Reformation service. Wow!

    Sorry to hear that it's a bit tricky for your choir and congregation. :(

  2. Hey, EC, welcome to my blog!

    I personally think this is an excellent marriage of text and tune, and at my previous congregation, this would be a winner!

    This is a different congregation, though, and after 8 years I have learned not to force the issue. I am sometimes able to visit other congregations, and I hope one of them does the LSB setting with Fortunatus New and full brass.

    For my own congregation, though, we are going to have to put it aside until I find a tune that suits the text and is singable for the congregation.


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