Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogspot Word Verification: Is It Working?

In the settings for this blog, under "Comments" is, "Show Word Verification?"  Yes/No.

I have the radio dial set to "yes."

I checked my blog at a friend's house (so I could see what the public sees) and did not see the Word Verification.

So I am asking my readers (all five of you) to just drop a comment and let me know if the Word Verification shows on your end.


PS: What is the advantage of using it?


  1. The advantage of using it is so that computer-automated spammers are blocked from leaving generic comments back to their sites.

  2. It appears the word verification is working. You have to attempt to post the comment AND THEN it asks for the "word".

  3. Thanks, Dan and Chris H. for the feedback. I am glad it works, and I am glad it has a purpose.


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