Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Night Music, Part I

The Evening Hymns perhaps make up my favorite section in the hymnal.

I came across an evening hymn service in Germany a few days ago.

As best I can, I will try to give translations. The first is a favorite bedtime prayer for many who are of German ancestry. So, dim the lights, set the video to full screen, light your own candle, and enjoy!


Müde Bin Ich

Muede bin ich, geh' zur Ruh',
schließe beide Aeuglein zu.
Vater lass die Augen dein
ueber meinem Bette sein.

Hab ich Unrecht heut getan,
sieh es lieber Gott, nicht an!
Deine Gnad' und Jesu Blut
machen allen Schaden gut.

Alle, die mir sind verwandt,
Gott lass ruhn in deiner Hand.
Alle Menschen gross und klein,
sollen dir befohlen sein.

Back in high school, we learned this hymn alongside Now the Light Has Gone Away. This was first year German, and I had no idea these two hymns were not at all related! For more on the latter's hymn writer, check out this post featuring Francis Havergal over at Wordwise Hymns.

Here is a rough word-for-word translation, with a group effort from the Wittenberg Trail community on stanza 3. Special thanks to Trail friend Rik for piecing together everyones' translation bits into one cohesive stanza.

I am tired, I go to rest.
My little eyes are sleepy.
Father, let Your eyes
Be over my bed.

The wrong I have done today,
Look not on it, Loving God!
Your grace and Jesus' blood
Make all sorrow good.

(Let) all who are akin to me,
Rest, God, in Your hand.
(Keep) all mankind, great and small,
Commended to Your care.

Of course, if you want to sing along in English, you can always sing this fine hymn, which was originally penned in English and is paired with the tune, "Muede Bin Ich."

Now the light has gone away;
Father, listen while I pray,
Asking Thee to watch and keep
And to send me quiet sleep.

Jesus, Savior, wash away
All that has been wrong today;
Help me every day to be
Good and gentle, more like Thee.

Let my near and dear ones be
Always near and dear to Thee.
Oh, bring me and all I love
To Thy happy home above.

Now my evening praise I give;
Thou didst die that I might live.
All my blessings come from The;
Oh, how good Thou art to me!

Thou, my best and kindest Friend,
Thou wilt love me to the end.
Let me love Thee more and more,
Always better than before.


  1. I forgot this! We used to say the second verse in grade school. It was one of the closing prayer's before we were dismissed. That would be like 28-29 years ago. I'm recalling "Abide, O Dearest Jesus" (V.1) as well...

    Jesus, Savior, wash away
    All that has been wrong today;
    Help me every day to be
    Good and gentle, more like Thee.

  2. We used to say verse 2 as a closing prayer in grade school. I'd forgotten all about that!

    Jesus, Savior, wash away
    All that has been wrong today;
    Help me every day to be
    Good and gentle, more like Thee

    I'm also recalling "Abide, O Dearest Jesus" (V.1) as well. Memories, memories......

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  4. The German version was a favorite of my grandmothers.

  5. NOTE: A blogger glitch caused Steve's comment to be posted three times. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

    It's that, or he is really trying to drive home his point! "Verily, verily I say unto you..." :)

  6. At my grandma's funeral, my mom's cousin sang Muede Bin Ich in German, with "Now I Lay Me" in English to the same tune.

    You have to add an eighth note pick-up to lines 2, 3, and 4 to make it work.

    I remember thinking that "Now I Lay Me" was probably closer to the German than "Now the Light," at least in terms of the conveying the gist of the text.


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