Sunday, June 6, 2010

LCMS Convention Proposals

All for Hymn is a decidedly Confessional Lutheran blog, but the author does not want to bring his denomination's politics into a blog about hymns.

So, if you want to discuss these things, you can check out the facebook page for Iggy Antiochus (the author of All for Hymn) or you can follow the commentary over at Vocation in the Valley. The writer of VV is facebook friend Brian Y., who is a delegate for the convention.

Both Brian and I are walking through each resolution. Brian is more informed, since he has been to delegate meetings and other events to that aid delegates in their decisions.

Brian operates a public blog, so you can go ahead and leave comments at will over there. You probably need to be a facebook friend to see my comments. When requesting facebook friendship, please let me know you are a blog reader using "add a personal message."

For the hymn below, I am providing the public domain words. They will differ slightly from the ones that are sung.


Ach Bleib Uns Herr
Lord Jesus Christ, With Us Abide

Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide,
For round us falls the eventide;
O let Thy Word, that saving light,
Shine forth undimmed into the night.

In these last days of great distress
Grant us, dear Lord, true steadfastness
That we keep pure till life is spent,
Your holy Word and Sacrament.

To hope grown dim, to hearts turned cold
Speak tongues of fire and make us bold
To shine Your Word of saving grace
Into each dark and loveless place.

Restrain, O Lord, the human pride
That seeks to thrust Your truth aside
Or with some man-made thoughts or things
Would dim the words Your Spirit sings.

Stay with us, Lord, and keep us true;
Preserve our faith our whole life through-
Your Word alone our heart's defense,
The Church's glorious confidence.


  1. One of my "new" favorite settings of Lord Jesus Christ With Us Abide is Henry Gerike's choral rendition with organ, brass, and hand drum. CPH has the full MP3 audio on the product page. It's also in the Heirs of the Reformation CD set.

  2. Thanks, Chris! I am a big fan of Henry Gerike.

    It's an interesting percussion part in this setting. It sounds like congas or something!

    For those of you wanting a listen, follow Chris' link, then click on "Additional Information" for the MP3 download.


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