Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching Up with Table Talk Radio

Apparently I've given up Table Talk Radio for Advent and Christmas, so now that we are squarely in the Epiphany season here is the backlog of show synopses.


Show #76: The Worst of Table Talk Radio

There are some games we play on Table Talk Radio that only make a single appearances. This is because they are really bad. In this edition of Table Talk Radio, we are bringing all the worst games back for one hour of horror. Listen at your own risk.


Show #77: Emails, Praise Songs, Baptism

In this edition we are joined by Vicar Brian Bucklew of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Mobile, AL after responding to listeners, we crunch a couple praise songs, and talk about baptism. Vicar Bucklew wrote a newsletter article entitled Baptism Works the Forgiveness Sins, which can be read here, under the articles tab.


Show #78: Merry Christmas from Table Talk Radio

By way of our Listener Response Line, 866-851-5523, we mix Bumper Sticker Theology and Which Ladder. After that we play Name that Theologian and end up with Book of Concord Bee.


Show #79: The Predictable Pastor

Introducing the new game, The Predicable Pastor, where Evan tries to guess how Pastor will respond to different news clips. Pastor and Evan also go head-to-head in Bible Bee and end up by playing Ten Commandments in the News.


Show #80: 2009 Idolatry Award Show

As our review of 2009, and for the second year in a row, we are joined Chris Rosebrough to be the judge for the 2nd Annual Idolatry Award Show to discern what is wrong with the marketing gimmicks found in the Christian church today.


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