Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Baptism of our Lord: The Holy Ghost from Heaven's Gate

In tender manhood Jesus straight
To holy Jordan wendeth;
The Holy Ghost from Heaven’s gate
In dovelike shape descendeth;
That thus the truth be not denied,
Nor should our faith e’er waver,
That the Three Persons all preside,
At baptism’s holy laver,
And dwell with the believer.

Christ, Unser Herr, zum Jordan Kam, Stanza 4

Special thanks to the original CyberHymnal at
for providing the lyrics that are in public domain.


  1. Do you know Charles Ore's setting "This is My Son" from his CD "From My Perspective II"?

    It uses the hymn tune CHRIST, UNSER HERR at the end of the piece and might be a way to teach a congregation (or a choir) the Lutheran tune without making them think it is too boring, or long, or hard to sing.

  2. YES!!! It is a great piece! There isn't much out there on You Tube with Charles Ore music, but I did try to find that one. It flows quite nicely from the scriptural text of Christ's baptism into the hymn.

    I have a much greater appreciation of this hymn because of that work. I find it much more singable now. For the small choir, just listening to this piece will help them learn it.

    I think I will ask Southern Lutheran Kantor about it. Perhaps Charles Ore owns the rights to it, which would make putting it on youtube a little easier.


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