Friday, December 18, 2009

Advent III: Sound of Majesty

If you have not heard the Dale Warland Singers (DWS) sing "Prepare the Way, O Zion" then Sunday's broadcast of Sound of Majesty is must-listen material.

The Singers use a different translation and a slightly different melody than Lutheran Service Book. 

Dale Warland Singers:
O blest is He that came
In God the Father's name.

Lutheran Service Book:
Hosanna to the Lord
For he fulfills God's Word.

Original Swedish:
Välsignad vare han
Som kom i Herrens namn.

Literal Translation:
Blessed is He
Who came in the Lord's Name.

I like the imagery of the LSB, yet the traditional translation is more faithful to the literal translation.

Here's the tune used by the Dale Warland Singers.  This setting is in Swedish with solo voice and, I believe, solo bagpipe!  All you experts on historic instruments, please enlighten us in the comment box.

And for another Swedish tradition, here is the same tune sung on the Commemoration of St. Lucia. Each year a girl is chosen to be St. Lucia. She wears a crown or wreath of candles. I am not Swedish and have only witnessed this once, so perhaps someone could enlighten us in the comment box.

Here's the tune found in LSB, to yet another translation.

Other highlights from this broadcast include Scripture readings from the historic lectionary for Advent III and excerpts from a sermon from Martin Luther preached on this day.

Listen to Sound of Majesty Sundays through Fridays at Midnight ET on (old links to will redirect).  Listen to a few months of archives and find other information here.

The direct link to last Sunday's broadcast is here, and the playlist is here.

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