Saturday, November 14, 2009

Table Talk Radio: Trying to Get to YouTube

Alright!  Iggy's first venture into youtube was Show 71 of Table Talk Radio.

This is a self-taught production, here.  Vicar Goeglein said I probably had Windows Movie Maker and I did!  From there, I thumbed around to figure out how to gel pictures and audio together.

I hit the "publish" button and 30 minutes later the complete video was in my computer.

Posting to youtube took 30-45 minutes (I lost count).

After another 15 minutes of "Uploaded, Please Wait..." Youtube rejected the video because it was too long.

Youtube videos must be 2GB or less and up to 10 minutes in length.  Facebook can be up to 1024MB and up to 20 minutes in length.

So, does anyone know, can the video be uploaded here on blogspot?  I've got 75.8MB and just under 60 minutes in length.  I tried uploading it as a "picture" and all that did was crash my computer.

Also, is there a site that will allow larger video files?

How about the Wittenberg Trail?  Will that take larger video files?

Any ideas, post them here contact the guys at

Right now you'll have to come over to my place to watch the first TTR video, and that's just not practical ;)


  1. I've posted a 50 minute video on the Wittenberg Trail. You could also try They allow you to upload 500MB a week. Look at

  2. Thanks for your help, Brian, will try that out tomorrow.

  3. One more thing, when you uploaded to WT, did you just do a blog post or did you send it to your home page somehow?


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