Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just for Fun: What really happened to my old car...

Perhaps my favorite car ever was my late 80's Chevy Caprice with the vinyl-padded hard top.  The car had V8 power and could go 500 highway miles on a tank of gas (20 gallon tank at 25 miles per gallon).  It was stolen from a mall parking lot.  Not just any mall, this mall's parking lot was filled with late-model Mercedes', BMW's, Jaguars, etc., and the car thief thought mine was the best one on the lot!

Anyways, in an urban setting, it's not too unusual to see one of these gems all tricked out with 24" tires, a fancy paint job, and of course, the vinyl top has been replaced with velvet.  So, for what I considered to be an old persons car (I was in my 20's at the time), apparently I had some major street cred going ;)

Over at Autoblog, they found this Caprice at the SEMA convention, way in the back of the convention hall, all tricked out and ready to go!

Hmm...  I wonder if this one was mine?

Check out more photos of this beauty in the Autoblog Photo Gallery.

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Photo credit: SEMA Image Library at

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