Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weedon: So Very Ordinary

It's so ordinary.

I go to church every Sunday and everything is the same.  Can't they do anything different?

Funny you should mention that!  Certain parts of the liturgy are called the Ordinary.

These are the things that remain essentially the same week-in and week-out.

Those parts include:

  • Kyrie: Lord Have Mercy
  • Gloria: Glory be to God on High/Glory to God in the Highest/This is the Feast
  • Credo: Apostles Creed/Nicene Creed/Athanasian Creed
  • Sanctus: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Sabaoth (Power and Might)
  • Agnus Dei: Lamb of God
Pastor Wil Weedon of Weedon's Blog tackles the differences in the texts (including Luther's Chorales) in his post On Variation in Text of the Ordinary.

One might ask, if these remain constant, what does change?

The things that change every week are called the Propers.  These include:
  • Introit/Entrance Hymn
  • Collect of the Day
  • Appointed Readings from Scripture
  • Psalm or Gradual
  • Alleluia (or other Verse)
  • Hymn of the Day
  • Prayers of the Church
  • Offertory
More on those later.  For now, check out Weedon's Blog for a blub about Ordinary things.

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