Saturday, October 10, 2009

Time Out #34: Comments now available!

Join the angelic discussion over at  I posted comments over there on the featured hymn, I Walk in Danger all the Way.  My focus was on verse 4:

I walk with angels all the way,
They shield me and befriend me;
All Satan’s power is held at bay
When heavenly hosts attend me;
They are my sure defense,
All fear and sorrow, hence!
Unharmed by foes, do what they may,
I walk with angels all the way.

Also, if you haven't listened to the podcast, get out your personal copy of LSB and follow along with Hymn 716.  Don't have a personal copy?  You need one!  Buy it here, or contact your local Christian bookstore.

Why will you need one?  Assuming I get my act together, I plan to do a series on "Singing through LSB in One Year."  It's hard to sing along without a hymnal.  Look for this to start on the First Sunday of Advent.  That will be November 29 this year.

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